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We’re now carrying Biknd bike cases for rent. The high end JetPack travel case gives top level protection without the excessive weight of a plastic hard case. It also rolls up to the size of a golf bag once you get to your destination. All this for $8 per day, or $50 per week! This price includes free delivery and pickup. And if you rent for more than two weeks, you get 10% off your next tune-up.

We can also pack and unpack your bike for you, for $40 each way. Ask us about our airport drop-offs! Even if you’re traveling with a crew, we can arrange to get the bikes to the airport. Put an inquiry using the form below for your trip dates.

Wheel Rentals

Do you want to add an edge to your next race? Or are you considering your next purchase but want to try it out beforehand?

We carry ENVE carbon road wheels. For $200, you can try them out for an entire weekend – this include delivery, pick-up, and installing them! And if you decide to get a set after trying the wheels out, we’ll take the rental fees off the price. Use the form below to verify availability. We have SES 3.4, SES 3.4 disk and SES 4.5 wheels available.

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